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House rules

Name: Dům (House) 550

Address: Poděbradova 550, Kladno 


Phone: +420 603 878 305

Operated by: beyond surface s.r.o., Rybná 716/24, Praha 1, IČO: 07995652


1. The following house rules have been drawn up to make sure things run smoothly and that your stay at Dům 550 is a pleasant one. We’d kindly ask you to take a moment to read them before entering. If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a
member of staff. 

2. The premises comprises terrace, dining and entertainment room, bathrooms and service/kitchen area.


3. Please follow instructions from members of staff. They are provided for your own comfort and safety. Guests are asked to behave respectfully toward one another. So be warned: the unruly may be asked to leave! Politeness and good manners cost nothing. Appropriate dress must be worn at all times.  


4. We all know accidents can happen. However, if we find that any property on the premises has been damaged deliberately of if any of the equipment has been misused without prior consultation, an indemnity will be required as compensation for any loss.


5. Use the designated area for storing your coats and belongings otherwise we are not liable or responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property. 


6. Minors under the age of 18 are welcome but sometimes only when accompanied by, and under the full supervision of, a responsible adult. 


7. Our opening hours are tailored to your needs. What we would always ask though is that you follow the instructions of staff upon entering and leaving.


8. Pyrotechnic equipment, explosive materials, flammable items, open-flame devices, weapons and oversize items are strictly prohibited. 


9. Do not bring any personal food items or beverages with you onto the premises. Do not worry we have more than enough tasty offerings to keep you going!

10. Alcohol or tobacco will not be sold to any persons under the age of 18. If we do ask you for proof of age, consider it a compliment!

11. If you wish to bring along the pet, please contact us beforehand as not all pets can be accommodated. 


12. Patrons have full use of dining/entertainment area, terrace and bathroom facilities. However we'd kindly ask you to refrain from visiting the kitchen and open bar area so we can serve you as efficiently as possible.


13. Our premises are located in the quiet residential area in the centre of Kladno. Please be considerate of others and keep loud noise to a minimum. The terrace is only open until 10 p.m.


14. We understand smoking is a passion. But only for some. Patrons so inclined may smoke only on the terrace in the designated smoking. All other areas of the premises are strictly non-smoking.

15. Payments can be made in cash or using selected payment cards. Please ask member of staff for full details.


16. In case of an emergency, please vacate the premises immediately via clearly identified emergency exit.

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