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Terms and Conditions


1. Our company and our services

1.1 Dům 550 is a trademark of beyond surface s.r.o., IČO: 07995652, company official address: Rybná 716/24, 110 00 Praha 1, registered in Prague Court no. C 311269, E-mail:

1.2. We offer specialised services in travel industry, culture events, gastronomy and leisure activities, which we call the Journeys.

1.3. The Journeys are not a package travel contract nor a linked travel arrangement as described in Act no. 159/1999 Coll. on certain conditions and provision of activities in the field of tourism.

2. Booking the Journey

2.1 The Journeys are either tailored to your group requirements or with fixed program and fixed date listed on our web pages, where you can find entry requirements, suitability with respect to age, physical or psychical dispositions and nutrition habits.

2.2 A private individual or a company who buys the Journey is an ordering party.

2.3 A private individual joining the Journey is a customer.

2.4 If you order the Journey for more people, we need to know personal information of all of them to personalise our service and solve potential problems.

2.5 You must be 18 or older to be able to order the Journey. Minors can join the Journey attended by an adult based on suitability of a particular Journey.

2.6 Suitability for pets should be discussed prior to your order.

2.7 If you are intrigued by tailoring your own Journey or you have chosen some of the fixed program and fixed date Journey, contact us by phone or e-mail (contact details are available on our web pages).

2.8. Then we discuss it, put together all requirements and personal information to properly personalise the Journey and agree on terms of payment. Afterwards you receive a summary called the Final Offer to your e-mail for your review and payment terms.

2.9 The contract between us consists the Final Offer and actual Terms and Conditions. The contract is concluded by full payment of a price of the Journey. From this moment on the contract is legally binding for all parties. The concluded contract can be amended with the agreement of all parties only, written and confirmed primarily by an e-mail. In case of the content discrepancies between the Final Offer and Terms and Conditions, the Final Offer conditions are valid.

2.10 The dates which are considered as a fully paid Journey: Either the day when the card payment is successfully made or the day when funds are deposited to the account of our company by the bank transfer. In case you do not pay in time, we assume you are no longer interested in the Journey. We will offer the vacated place to other customers unless we agree otherwise.

3. Cancellation of the Journey

3.1 The cancellation of the Journey by our party can be done due to extraordinary reasons and unavoidable situations, like natural disasters and other reasons on our side.  If this happens, we return back to you all your payments sent to us, in 14 days after cancellation at the latest.

3.2 It can rarely happen that we can make the Journey only with changes. You will be immediately informed.

3.3 Small changes which do not have an impact on the quality of the Journey cannot be considered as a reason for a contract withdrawal. If you insist to cancel the Journey we have to follow the article 3.6 related to the cancellation and fees.

3.4 If changes have an important impact (e.g. date change) we try to find mutually acceptable solution for both parties. If there is not a suitable solution for both parties you have a right to disagree within 5 days and exercise the contract withdrawal. If this happens, we return back to you all your payments sent to us, in 14 days after cancellation at the latest.

3.5 We always do our best to keep our promises and find out solutions for unexpected situations to avoid any complication for you. We change and cancel the Journeys only when extraordinary situations happen. However, if such situation happens we do not accept any damage claims or compensation requests (except the Journey price refund)

3.6 If you experience difficulties to join the Journey you can cancel the contract but we need to cover our costs related to your cancellation. Cancellation fees are calculated as follows:

Date of the cancellation/The cancellation Fee

60 and more days before the Journey/10 % of the price

59 to 30 days before the Journey/40 % of the price

29 to 11 days before the Journey/80 % of the price

10 and less days before the Journey/100 % of the price

When you are late or do not show up for the Journey, we are entitled to keep 100% of the price.

3.7 The change of participants can be done anytime before the start of the Journey. However, you must be aware that some personalised aspects cannot be changed if the time is short. The exact deadline  for changing participants without any impact on personalised experience depends on the type of the Journey. 

4. The Journey

4.1. The Journey can be organised in Czech or other language. This is mentioned in the description of a particular Journey. You will receive the program of the Journey, Instructions and Contractual documents (The Final Offer and Terms and Conditions) translated to the language of the Journey.

4.2. All customers must

  • comply with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic;

  • follow instructions of members of staff;

  • disclose all needed information that we can assess suitability of the Journey, especially any health problems

  • behave properly to avoid negative impact on the environment

  • not leave the group during the Journey unless they inform members of staff

  • avoid any damages and injuries

  • be on time at the agreed place;

  • follow House Rules of Dům 550.

4.3 If the Journey includes the gastronomy, you can always find numbers representing allergens as mentioned under

(1) Cereals containing gluten

(2) Crustaceans

(3) Eggs

(4) Fish

(5) Peanuts

(6) Soya

(7) Milk

(8) Nuts

(9) Celery

(10) Mustard

(11) Sesame seeds

(12) Sulphur dioxide

(13) Lupin

(14) Molluscs

5. Complaints

5.1. Something wrong with your Journey? Do you feel that the content or quality were not as agreed? Please send us an e-mail with information what you disliked, date of your Journey and your name. Please send it as soon as possible, it helps to properly investigate your complaint. We will try our best to treat your complaint to your satisfaction. 

5.2. We will issue a confirmation when your complaint is with us. We decide within 30 days after receiving it unless we agree on the longer period.

5.3. If you do not attend or you use agreed services only partially this is not a reason to any compensation. 

5.4. We are sure that we can solve any complaint to make both parties satisfied. However if we do not find mutual undestanding, you can contact The Czech Trade Inspection Authority, address Štěpánská 567/15, Praha 2, PSČ 120 00, web pages You can also use the platform for online dispute resolution. Detailed information about online dispute resolution you can find on web page

6. Privacy Policy

6.1. Our company process only personal information needed to organise the Journey. Your data are protected in accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic. By providing your personal information you grant us your consent to personal data maintenance, processing and storage. Personal data are usually:

  • Name and Surname;

  • Delivery address;

  • E-mail;

  • Phone.

The data set can be extended with your consent to intensify and personalise the Journey even more if applicable. By concluding the contract for the Journey you are aware that we can process above mentioned personal data to deliver services to you and to fulfill our legal obligations and thus provide the data to third parties who are our subcontractors. 

6.2. Based on our concluded contract or by providing your personal data in different way we can inform you about news and offers and process your personal data (Name and Surname, E-mail). You can revoke your consent by sending an e-mail to:

6.3. You have the right to:

  • request the access to your personal data, ask to correct it, delete it or limit the processing

  • make complaints related to personal data processing;

  • file the complaint to The Office for Personal Data Protection

Please contact authorised person: Lukáš Hemek, +420 603 878 305,

7. Miscellaneous

7.1. For aspects not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the Czech legal regulations will apply, particularly Law no. 89/2012 Coll. Civil Code.

7.2. The courts for dispute resolution are the courts in the Czech Republic.


7.3. Terms and Conditions are valid from 15. December 2020.

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