Grand Chef tasting
(on Fridays 5-11:30 p.m.)

Booking in advance needed by phone 603 878 305 of by e-mail at latest by 9 p.m. day before, that we can make everything fresh.

Journeys to the past with a special program

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Welcome to the year 1890

Personal invitation, explanation of selected topics from 1890, personal hand-written menu, aperitif Sherry, five course menu of extraordinary specialities, making the coffee by your own, ... Menu is not the same for all dates, you can find there pheasant with truffles, onion purée with pike quenelles, turbot with carp roes and other gourmet meals.

Detailed description of this event is in the reservation system.

Price per person: 5 Gulden (2000 CZK)

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