To the 19th century and back


Gourmets, those who like to attend culture events, history lovers as well as patrons who seek to have simply fun. Travel with our time-machine back to the imperial times at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Enjoy the intimate interior and our personal care required for such strictly confidential event.


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Soup with pike quenelles, pheasant flavoured by truffles, sorbet from champagne, premium wines and spirits. If you belong to the high society you enjoy broad variety of food which is quite complicated to prepare. Just now you can taste all of that thanks to the time-machine.



The best way to learn history is to go back in time. Everything is situated in the secret count's parlour on the first floor of an artfully decorated building. Handcrafted antique chairs, hand-blown glasses, china with count's coat of arms. Among other things there is also a wooden flush on our decorative china tiolets. If you are interested you may try historic quizzes and puzzles, or spend one specific day in the past.



There is a live music during feasts, so called salon music, where Smetana, Chopin, Liszt and Dvořák are top ten artists of a time. Occasionally there are intimate performances of great works of art, philosophical discussions about whatever comes to your mind (today we call it a masterclass) and private exhibitions of various famous as well as forgotten artists. 



Time-travelling is mainly for fun. It is completely fine to just enjoy your food and drinks, soak up the atmosphere and if you like - to listen. From time to time there are even cancan dancers in the parlour, not to mention mysterious magicians and other prodigious visitors... 


Days of the Empire

A time when the advent of electricity blew out the household candle and oil lamp for good, rendering futile the noble efforts of the gas and spirit lamps. When mass telephone networks, electric circuits, automobiles and high-flying airships spelled the end for the horse-drawn carriage. An era in which audiences found themselves transfixed by moving images, the pioneering attempts of the first cinematographers. Not to mention the invention of the X-ray and vaccines for all. And then, tragically, The Great War, forcing millions onto the frontline and culminating in the collapse of a mighty imperial dynasty.